Meet Your Guides

Anne Wakenhut and Angela Lentine connected 3 years ago during major life transitions in both their lives and the support and encouragement between them grew into a meaningful friendship. Their combined creativity and desire to benefit others has taken their wonderful friendship into an exciting working partnership.

Anne Wakenhut


Anne has been guiding individuals and groups for over 50 years as a teacher, consultant, social worker and professional musician.  She is a Music Practitioner, playing music at the bedside for healing and transition. As an “elder”, she has experienced many life transitions and cherishes the wisdom and grace she continues to receive from them.

Angela Lentine


Angela has dedicated herself to her family’s business for the past 20+ years training, growing, and leading others not only professionally but emotionally and spiritually. With a strong intuitive sense of people, her love for communicating on a deeper level is her greatest passion. All aspects of her life today are centered to this purpose. 

Inner peace awaits.